Anchor EP

by Sheralyn Jeanne

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Jesse Gillenwalters
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Jesse Gillenwalters The songwriting on this thing is such an impressive, complex platform upon which Sheralyn carries an ease of expression, fearlessly and seamlessly swinging huge musical ideas with a clear passion, high ability, and artistic sensibility. You just have to listen. The musicality on this is out of this world. Favorite track: Linger.
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"anchor" [ang-ker] noun; 1. a device for holding fast or checking motion 2. a person or thing that can be relied on for support, stability, or security; mainstay.


released November 1, 2016

All songs written by Sheralyn Jeanne
Lyrics for "Further Still", "Magenta", "Linger", and "Greenwood Pl." written by Sheralyn Jeanne
Lyrics/Poetry for "I Will Never Leave Again" written by Tyler Knott Gregson
"Magenta" co-written by Mark Mazengarb
"Further Still" and "Greenwood Pl." co-written by R. Aaron Walters
Produced by R. Aaron Walters
Arranged by R. Aaron Walters is collaboration with the studio musicians
All string arrangments composed by R. Aaron Walters
Co-Produced by Sheralyn Jeanne
Recorded and mixed by Jeremy Johnston at SubCat Studios
Mastered by Patrick MacDougall at SubCat Studios

Sheralyn Jeanne: Vocals
Katie Weissman: Cello
Joey Arcuri: Upright Bass
Matt Kinglsey: Guitar, Ukulele
Alex Lavon: Electric Bass, Upright Bass
Brendan O'Connor: Drums
Mark Mazengarb: Guitar for "Magenta"
Gretchen Fisher: Violin for "Magenta"
R. Aaron Walters: Piano for "Greenwood Pl."

Album Art;
"This Present Time" By Nicora Gangi, 2016
Designed by Sheralyn Wellman



all rights reserved


Sheralyn Jeanne Syracuse, New York

Explore a fresh approach to the modern day singer/songwriter genre while listening to Sheralyn Jeanne. She strives to create a unique sound that is focused on the singer and lyrics but also incorporates a mixture of folk, jazz, and experimental music. Heavily influenced by Bon Iver, Radiohead, Becca Stevens, and traces of her love for music history, you'll never know what to expect next. ... more

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Track Name: Further Still
We're a procession rising to the occasion
But where are we leading? Where did we go?
Every choice is a thread in a tapestry of trees
With branches of chances all reaching towards the free air

Out there the horizon, see it separate us
From who we are from where we've been
Expanding far and wide across the divide
Limitless, limitless in our eyes

We are climbing up the mountains of our minds
And I'm in love with our intelligence
We are further still than we were

There is something new we feel in this old light
Orbiting sun and moon, we will barefoot our way through
I never quite identified this street
With eyes of a traveler reaching towards the free air

We are climbing up the mountains of our
We can rise, we can rise
We are further still than we were

I'm in love with our intelligence
I'm in love with our independence
I'm in love with our promises
Track Name: Magenta
Look to the East, I am the sky waiting to be seen
Purples and pinks all warmly welcoming
Don't leave this place in your mind

Silence, silence, close your eyes

Now soak it in, I am the mist softly clinging
Contrasting, clean, and silhouetting
Don't leave this place behind

Silence, silence, just your breath

Across acres of cloud covered night
Mind, identify a brightness stemming beneath
Simply feeling how to see
How to recognicze the glow
The glow known as "beauty"
Look to, look to me
Track Name: Linger
Breath danced with the smoke
On top the hill tonight
I wondered if I'd regret it

This view remains the same

I let the moment linger
In heat of engine fire
I wondered if I'd forget it

This view is always for me

Breath danced with the smoke on top the hill tonight
Track Name: Greenwood Pl.
There's something 'bout the way the light falls
And how it feels so warm in here
Every breath anchors me

Whisper that time can never take you

There's something 'bout the way the light falls
And how it feels so warm in here
Every breath anchors me
I'll always feel it deeply in my bones
Every feeling that I felt in these walls
Every breath that held me here

This is something time can never take
This is something I can never change

She's between every memory
Delicately, she weaves her story
Deliberately telling me,
"Child, this blanket here, this mug, no they don't say it all
You're seen more than every single picture on the mantle
It's who you are that keeps me living on
Don't fear of losing me when you move on

This is something time can never take
This is something you don't have to change"

Whisper that time can never take you
That time can never take home

Track Name: I Will Never Leave Again
We never know when light falls, when shadows are stollen
By a glow we couldn't have, couldn't have predicted
It was the spilling they call, "weakness"
The giving out of what I kept hidden inside
That I was forced to fear, I hope you see

I was not build like this but I am here
I am here, I am home, I am here
And I will never leave again